We offer family crisis intervention to families with loved ones trapped in substance abuse and the children caught in the crossfire.  We have had parents voluntarily place their child with us, and we are also licensed resource parents.  We are building a Reunification Assistance Program RAP, to support the process and eventually offer transitional family housing.  The Rescue & Recover, R&R RAP family house will surround the reunifying family with the support of positive role models by living with a strong godly family.  

CrossFire Kids works to assist families with one parent paroling from jail or prison successfully transition by offering weekly small groups and one on one mentoring.

​​Givin​g a voice to CrossFire Kids without a choice.

Steve & Mindy Dokken,

Resource Family


Tesla Espinosa

TB Social Worker

Program Director


a father to the fatherless....

Our Outreach teams in Concord  and surrounding areas are on the front line reaching out to broken families offering restoration through the love of Jesus Christ.    ParkHaven Community Church is reaching out to under resourced and homeless families in the Monument Corridor and surrounding East Contra Costa County area. Crossfire Kids steps into advocate on behalf of the vulnerable and voiceless child.



The symptom of drug abuse leads to jails, institutions, and death.  The victims of drug abuse are the children caught in the dangerous crossfire of domestic violence, neglect, and abuse when these broken families are torn apart.  We fight to step in before,during, or after the struggle.  We believe that Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, and set the captives free.

Together with Jesus Christ, we will create a safe space to promote healing for orphans, widows, neglected, abused, and victims of addiction.  

Every situation is unique and every need is different.  We work to intervene on behalf of stabilizing families by making connections to meet the immediate needs.  Then to stabilize the family by networking with available resources.  We are the triage department.

Family Crisis Intervention & Foster Care Prevention

Louis & Yesenia Martinez

Corporation Secretary and CrossFire Kids on the Inside Family Coordinators

Luxi-CrossFire Kids

We are on-call and available to intervene on behalf of at-risk kids.  We strive to connect vulnerable children to the village.  Dedicated to advocating, protecting, and nurturing the children caught in the CROSSFIRE of addiction, abuse, and neglect; while mentoring and equipping men and women to RISE UP to be the Godly parents they are called to be.

Luxi-Crossfire Kids

Big Sis

TB Social Worker

Program Coordinator

-Advocating for vulnerable children, especially under the age of 5

-Active and Connected to the recovery community.

-We support parents that are: single, abused, under resourced, prostitutes, homeless, addicted, in crisis, or reunifying.

-Servicing the East Bay Area families in danger of entering Children and Family Services.  We work from referral calls in meeting immediate needs of children in crisis, by providing support until their situation stabilizes.