​​Crossfire Kids

Family Crisis Intervention, Foster Care Supprt, and

Pro-Life Network!

Luxi-CrossFire Kids May 2017 Budget     


1st Aid/CPR350x10350
Office Supply000000000
Workman Comp00x1000


We are on call and available to intervene on behalf of at-risk kids.  We strive to connect vulnerable children to the village.  Dedicated to advocating, protecting, and nurturing the children caught in the dangerous crossfire of addiction, abuse, and neglect; while mentoring and equipping men and women to rise up and be the godly parents they are called to be.


We look forward to seeing:

-Children growing up in safe and healthy families

-Parents finding joy when trials come

-Vulnerable children being plucked out of darkness connected to the love of GOD

-Inspiring family reconciliation to ignite families to live passionately for Christ

-Strong families that give back to create strong communities

-Local ministries collaborating to assist in the restoration of broken families in crisis

-RAP, Reunification Assistance Program to support mother’s and father’s in successfully reunifying with children that have been removed by CFS by offering housing and live in support from a loving GODLY family

-Therapeutic safe space ranch that promotes healing

-Massive Children’s Church


Matthew 19:14, But Jesus said, "Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children." NLT

*Protect vulnerable children

*Combat substance abuse and homeless children

*Reunify families*Mentor struggling parents

*Crisis intervention

CrossFire Kids was birthed out of necessity to serve the children that had no voice or choice about their parent’s addiction.  My family started working with the children in our recovery ministry in 2012.  We quickly had our eyes opened to effects and needs of these children.  In 2014, we started taking in voluntary placements for Safe Families for children.  We were granted access by the Lord to go into dark places and shine GOD’S light.  We have attended county decision meetings and help God divert many children from foster care.  We take children in or we help guide children through very dangerous waters. We have a saying “we go places no one else wants to go to do things that no one else wants to do, with little appreciation.”

In 2016, we had a divine appointment with Steve Willhite and LUXI House.  We believe that we will help many families stabilize and a variety of vulnerable children this year.  The funding will give us the ability to help 4-6 children at a time receive quality intervention, true foster care support that allows room for JESUS.  This is truly a ministry given by God because His children are perishing.  This is our PASSION!

 Program Overview

            Luxi:CrossFire Kids is a safe haven to vulnerable children.  Most often we get calls from loved ones concerned for children in dangerous situations.  We have often received calls from out of control parents with a desire to protect their child by putting them in a safe space.  We have helped many parents detox by caring for their children.  We have helped custodial parents gain physical custody per the law.  Our current home is the birthing place of our reunification assistance program RAP.  We cannot minister to children in the same place as parents with active CFS cases reside.  Our program is Jesus Christ and beans and rice.  We take children in and provide basic needs, as well as Sunday school, YMCA, chores, prayers, and homework.  Our program is a family model ministry.  We have a 19, 6, and 5 year old that love having a house full of kids.  We would like to include a counselor once a week.  The Head Start program is offering Parent Advocates.  Our community ties give us access to recovery programs.  We are a family Crisis Intervention and Foster Care Support Program.

After Care

We have a home that has 3 bedrooms to affordably help parents create stability and close CFS and probation cases.  This home is a safe space that works with parents on goals and healthy habits.  With proper funding this home, Reunification Assistance Program RAP, would be able to absorb part of the participation fee and refund it to the parents at the completion of a successful year. 

We have relationships with many of our children and parents.  We would like to start after care activities events.

 Program Oversight

We are governed by a board.  We will also have Foster Care Licenses, clearance from Department of Justice, and Child Abuse Clearance Index.  

Luxi-CrossFire Kids 2018 Budget   


Park & Rec450x125400
1st Aid/CPR350x1350
Office Supply1000x11000
Workman Comp7000x17000